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Inguinal Hernia

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I just found out that I have an inguinal hernia. Looks like I will have to have surgery in the near future.
My questions is, can I still lift with lighter weights before I have the operation or will this make things worse as far as repairing the tear and recovery time

Is there anyone else out there who is or has gone through that type of operation?

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Sure you can still lift! Don't have to go light, but don't max out either! Concentrate on your breathing. I had the same hernia and had it operated on. No biggy, in and out in the same day. After about a month off, back in the gym doing light stuff. After surgery, it's nearly impossible to blow out the same hernia, but you can blow a gut somewhere else. So just listen to your body, wear a belt, breathe, and ease back into it!