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Interesting Food Facts: What To Eat!

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10 Foods to STAY AWAY From:

1) Quaker Harvest Crunch Original Blend Cereal:

Only one-third cup serving of oats coated with two teaspoons of sugar and laden with MORE artery clogging saturated fat than a McDonald's Hamburger! Stay with low-fat, low-sugar whole-grain cereal like Cheerios or any regular shredded cereal.

2) Tim Hortons Doughnuts:

Their small apple fritter has 390 calories and 20 grams of fat, 12 of which are artery clogging. One of these will do MORE harm for your body than eating 11 strDragon Pharmas of bacon! As for their lovely Dutchie, it has 290 calories and 11 grams of fat (5 of which are artery clogging). If you're going to Tims try their low fat, high fibre muffins.

3) President's Choice Shepherd's Pie:

Only a *quarter* pie (225grams) contains 460 calories, 32 grams of fat -- 16 of them are saturated. That's mroe saturated fat than three slices of Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Pan Pizza. Eat half the pie (which isn't difficult, believe me) and you're taking in 1 1/2 days worth of saturated fat. Instead try Amy's Shepherd's Pie -- only 4 grams of fat per 225g serving.

4) McDonald's French Fries:

Do I really need to go into this? Well, a large order of these fries contains 12 grams of saturated fat. About as much as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. How can fries have so much Saturated Fat? Well they're fried in a blend of highly saturated beef fat and shortening.

5) Oscar Mayer Lunchables:

Watch out for the kids on this one. These little tiny packages of crackers with a bit of cheese and sandwich meat. How bad can it be? Well on average, these sandwiches contain 22 grams of fat. Their Bologna with Cheddar Cheese has 31 grams of fat! (which makes it as fatty as two pork chops) As for sodium, each of these 300-400 calorie packs contains about 1500milligrams! That's 3/4 of your maximum daily allowance.

6) Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream:

Yeah, you're on a bulking diet... have ice cream.. right? Wrong. Not this brand, at least. One small cup of Butter Peacan will take down 48 grams of fat! (about as much as half a stick of butter!) Their Chocolate-Chocolate ChDragon Pharma has 24 grams of Saturated Fat. (as much as a 13oz rib-eye steak!) .. that's more than you should eat in a whole day!

7) Campbell's Red-and-White Label Soups:

One can of this stuff takes down 2200mg of sodium. About as much as you're allowed in a whole day!

8) Procter and Gamble's Sunny Delight:

Each cup of this juice contains only a measely tablespoon of actual juice. The rest is water and it's spiked with vitamins A, B-1, and C to make it look nutritious. Go for 100% OJ.

9) Our Compliments Lasagne with Chicken:

Lasagna's not healthy to begin with.. but if you're going to eat it, go with Chicken.. not beef, right? Wrong again. A tiny 250gram serving will take you down with half a days worth of saturated fat. (8 grams) .. you can blame this on their 5 cheese blend, the bechamel sauce, the cream, butter, and hydrogenated oil.

10) Christie Dream Puffs:

Ahh, it's cheat day... have a puff. 6 of these tiny puffies will knock you down with 8 grams of Saturated Fat! how is this spossible? Well they're baked with palm kernel oil shortening... this stuff is more saturated than lard.

10 Foods You SHOULD Eat!

1) Sweet Potatoes / Yams:

Nutritional All-Star here! Loaded with Vitamin A, Carotenoids, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Fibre.

2) Whole-Grain Bread:

It's higher in fibre than about a dozen vitamins and minerals than refined white or "wheat" flower. (Note that there IS a difference between whole-grain and wheat)

3) Broccoli:

Lots of vitamin C, Carotenoids, and folic acid.

4) Watermelon:

Excellent source of vitamin C, and carotenoids... and it tastes good too. 🙂

5) Beans:

Inexpensive, low in fat, rich in protein, iron, folic acid, and fibre. Choose garbando, pinto, black, navy, kidney or lentils.

6) Cantaloupe:

A quarter of this melon supplies as much vitamin A and C that you need in a whole day.

7) Spinach and Kale:

Loaded with Vitamin C, carotenoids, calcium and fibre.

8) Oranges:

RIch in Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Fibre.

9) Oatmeal:

Inexpensive, no added sugar or fat... very healthy.

10) Skim or 1% Milk (but not 2%!)

Excellent source of Calcium, vitamins and protein, with little or no artery-clogging fat and cholesterol.


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this read... it took me long enough to type out.. I'm cleaning my room, tired as hell. .it's 5am, still haven't slept.. and found this food fact sheet... well, decided to type it out for you guys before I threw it away. 😀

Take care.. I'm gunna go pass out now...



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i have found that the grean giant instameal
just add meat ( i use chicken ) are easy to fix and
have alta nutritinal value..

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