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How much training should be done per body part. How much is too much and how much is too little. Please advise me on a good work out plan. I am 6"1' 193lbs. I want to gain some good mass and strength. I am 100% concerned with mass and about 60% concerned with strength. Also I need help make an easy to follow meal plan for a 9 to 5er. I want to get to around 205-210lbs and as lean as possible. I am using sus250 500mg ew, deca300 500mg ew and D-bol 60mg ed. After this cycle which ends in 8wks, how long should I wait to start my cutting cycle and what would each of you use. Thanx and GoodDay SUBbUrN

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First as far as the cycle goes the Dbol looks a little high if this is a first cyle, you may want to lower that into the 30mg-50mg range.

As far as training goes it is really whats works best for you personally, but I would suggest if size is the main goal to stay in the 6-12 rep range. Stay on the lower 6-8 range for bis, and hamstrings and go with the higher 8-12 for the rest of the body.
i would say if I was doing those reps per set i would look at 8-10 sets for chest, shoulders, 6-8 sets for quads, hamstrings, abs, calves and arms, and 8-12 for back, I find my back need a little higher volume. Don't do more than 20 sets per workout, so a back and bi workout would have 12 sets for back and 8 sets for bis as the limit. Keep your workouts to no longer than 1 hour in length.

For the diet i would suggest going 40%protein, 40%carbs and 20%fat, you may even be able to lower the fat a bit more, but not too much. I wouls laso say to get atleast 300g of protein per day.

As far as getting the meals for a 9-5 guy it will take some cooking the night before and just pack them in some plastic container and warm them up at work. Meal Replacments in the form of shakes and bars will help as well, along with protein powders, but do not rely on them to make up the majority of your calories, that should come from whole foods.

Wait at least 8-10 weeks after your post cycle clomid is finished before starting your cut cycle.