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multi vitamin/ iron

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which multi pack is the best for vitamins and minerals? is it bad for men to take a multi vitamin with iron and why?

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Hey bro. I haven't heard of anything about multi vitamins being bad. My doctor encouraged me to take them especially when using AAS. The GNC brand MEGA-MAN Multi-vitamin is one of the best. Thats what I use...that and plenty of water too! Don't know if this helps but there you go. Good luck

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Bubba, you really need to start running searches rather than post a question for anything that pops into your head... There are numerous threads on just about every topic you bring up.... If you keep posting so many questions, people are going to start ignoring them.... Do a little ground work...

IRON if memory serves, can reach toxic levels in the body and has been linked in men to increase risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease. That is why some recommend no iron. If you are concerned, get both a multi pack with, and one without. If you are consuming red meat, and veggies with iron, you are likely fine. If you are not, then take the one w/ iron....