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Supplement on off days

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I've always wondered about this, but I've never asked this question. Do you take supplements on days when you AREN'T training in the same amounts as on the days you ARE training? What do you guys do?

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It depends, if you are talking about protein, meal replacements, creatine and glutamine, then yes I take them on my off days. They are very important for recovery. Its not just how much you eat one day, but over the course of weeks and months. the only supplements I do not take on off days are stimulants, however there are some times when I will take them on off days as well.

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no, I don't. I find that once your muscles are fully saturated with creatine you only need to take on the days you train post workout. it has worked great for me you should give it a shot.
also I don't take my post workout drink that contains dextrose 90g, whey45g, 5g glutamine and 5g creatine. and substitue it with a blended protein shake.