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This review is for some Balkan Sustandrol 250 amps i ordered from source. This was my first time running Balkan Sus 250 and damn it is absolutely great gear, very good quality. Absolutely no pip very smooth Test. I ran it at 750mg a week for 10 weeks. I was coming off of shoulder surgery so i just wanted to run something simple and start back. During my down time after my surgery i had kind of fallen off. I couldn't do any kind of lifting at all for about 4 months. I had lost a lot of strength and size not being able to do anything. I felt like pure shit lol. The sus is just what i needed to get going again. Just after about 5 weeks in i could deff feel the old me coming back strong. Muscle memory was kicking in and i was coming back to the me i was and i felt so much better mentally and physically. Strength shot through the roof compared to right after surgery and the BF i gained just sitting around healing started to come off. I haven't had it measured so cant give exact figures but the mirror doesn't lie. All in all i am very pleased with the Balkan Sus and will definitely get more for future runs.

Here is a list of websites where you can order legit Balkan products: