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7lab pharma

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This is a review for 7Lab Oxano-lab 10mg pills (Anavar). I ordered these back in June of this year and have been using them for a little over 6 weeks now with some HGH (Kalpatropin) from another source and test Cyp200 a week (TRT). Been using only 40mg a day. 20mg pre-workout (morning am workouts) and then 20mg spread out the rest of the day. I have seen some fat loss with the addition of the Oxano-lab being introduced. I know Hgh takes times to start working but I started using the Var about a month after the Hgh and was feeling more of a pump when going to the gym. I'm not taking a real high amount of the Var because I feel like my body is responding to just 40mg very well (this is my first time to use this product ever ). I originally bought this to use as a cutter coming up in the 2022 spring to summer cutter cycle, but not ever using this product before I couldn't wait. I was able to grab 15 bags of these and will be getting some more when I get a chance. As far as results from this product I have been more than happy. Some strength gains (yes), some fat loss (yes), pumps while lifting (yes), I will be looking to use this product again in the spring with some 7Lab Tren 200 E added into the mix. So as far as the test run with this product I have been very pleased. I wish I could give body fat loss percentages but I'm not a competitor, just use the mirror, and so far I've been happy. As far as diet while using, its not been very disciplined so to actually see some results is great. Also I'm looking more vascular in my forearms and up in my shoulder area, can't wait to run this in the spring with the 7Lab tren.

Here is a list of websites where you can order legit 7Lab products:

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