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Ice primo, adex and aromasin.

I have been running primo for about 19 weeks now. I started off using Primo dosed at 600mg for about 10 weeks, then switched over and upped the dose to 750 a week. Was running test at 750 a week for the first 10 weeks, then dropped the dose to 500mg for about a month, and am finishing up at 250mg a week for the final weeks of my cycle. Also have been running var from another source for the last 7 weeks. Didn't go crazy with calorie intake since putting on size wasn't really a goal of mine, just looking to recomp I guess. Get stronger, leaner, and add some muscle along the way. I have put on roughly 10lbs of muscle while dropping a significant amount of body fat. After dropping my test dose in the last few weeks I have really noticed an increase in vascularity and separation. The thing I really wasn't expecting with primo was the strength increase which was there even before adding in the var. Incline bench and shoulder presses are up a good 40lbs. I don't flat bench anymore because of an old injury. I don't really train my arms for strength, just high reps, but the increase is there as well. Added 60lbs to my squat and about 100 to leg press, although I had been slacking on legs pretty heavily prior to this cycle because I pulled something in my quad. Had a rough time controlling estro at first with the aromasin. Was using 25mg a day when my test dose was high, but this is my first time using aro so I have nothing to compare it to. Switched to the adex .5 eod and got things back under control. Have used adex exclusively on all previous cycles and I have heard some people just don't respond as well to aromasin for whatever reason so I can't really say either way on the aro.

This is my first time running primo and I came away with mixed feelings on the whole thing, mostly due to it being so expensive I guess. It is a great drug with no sides at all... I really felt great the entire cycle besides some heartburn from the anavar but other than that I felt just really healthy and revitalized I guess you would call it. The gains are there but there won't be anything dramatic, just a slow steady progression as long as you stay on target. It is quality muscle and not watery bloated dbol muscle so overall I'd say it was a success.

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