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Genetic Methandienone 10mg

Genetic Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml

This is my first cycle and i have only been on it for a short time, but i can instantly tell a difference in many areas which is kind of ironic since i had no idea what to expect outside of what i was told by a friend. After the first day i had an appetite that i could not satisfy and my sex drive seemed to be up and down constantly which is not the normal me in the least. I noticed that i have tons of energy in my routines even going for 3+ hours in the gym...actually went back for a double dip today to fit in legs because i didn't feel sore enough. Recovery time is almost instant since after like 4 hours i feel okay again. I do intramuscular injections for the Test-E 250mg per 1ml which i do twice a week and i take Dianabol Methan oral tablets by ...mouth of course of which i take 40mg a day . Methan 40mg oral every day for 4 weeks on ...4 off ...4 on... then PCT

Test-E 250mg/ml intramuscular twice a week for 12 weeks and then PCT I am still waiting to see major strength and bloat/gain results, but that can take a little longer as i understand. Either way this stuff has the symptoms of what i read/heard good gear is so i am stoked to have good stuff my first time in.

Here is a list of websites where you can order legit Genetic products: