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Ultima Primo 100mg/ml

Ultima Primo 200mg/ml

Let's start off with the primo. I was running the primo at 800mg/wk. I do have a cycle log posted. I started off with just primo from another source but the oil was so thick that I decided to mix it with the Ultima primo to help thin it out to make it easier to pin. For 12 weeks I ran 400mg of the Ultima 100mg primo with pharma primo and I was really happy with the results. This was my first time running primo so I really didn't know what to expect. I was a little surprised by the results. Around wk 7 is when I really started to notice some significant changes (hardening, fat loss, lbm gains). I was in a calorie deficit since I was cutting and besides losing fat a rapid pace, I was also gaining some lean body mass (gained about 3.5lbs of lean mass up to this time while dropping bodyfat). This doesn't happen very often when cutting so I was really impressed by this. The lean body mass gains ended a few weeks later though since I was cutting cals even more and doing more cardio (I wasn't losing any lean mass though). Now after the 12 week mark, I switched over to all Ultima Pharmaceuticals primo using only the higher dosed 200mg/ml primo since I was adding more compounds into my cycle and it was just getting to be to much oil to pin with the primo dosed at 100mg. I was leary about the pip I might get from the 200mg primo but fortunately there was none. I ran through 2 bottles of this (800mg/wk) was real happy with. Didn't seem to miss a beat switching over. Obviosly my bodyfat was getting nice and low now and the hardening effects from the primo were impressive.

Always a great selection from Ultima Pharmaceuticals and I have always been satisfied with the quality.

Here is a list of websites where you can order legit Ultima products: