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Xeno Anavar 3x packs of 10 mg

I was already using a Var from another lab and wasn't feeling much. I decided quickly that this brand was bunk or severely under dosed and that I should get a different brand. I had never tried Xeno Laboratories before but saw had it on special for 50% off. After I received it I started to feel the difference in a few days. My energy in the gym was much more intense then before and I was starting to see veins that I didn't even know existed. Strength gain was there but very subtle. I also noticed that I was sweating intensely at the gym now which was pretty gross and cool at the same time. Cardio was flat out disgusting as I felt like I was losing every liquid in my body onto the stair climber. The only other thing I was taking at the time was 250mg of test e per week. The Var was split dosed 25mg in the morning and 25 at about 5pm before workout. I had the bunk shit all the way up to 100mg and didn't feel anything and 50mg of the Xeno Labs lit me up. I only bought three packs to test so I only got 30 days out of it but I plan on buying a lot more next time and trying some other Xeno products. It's pretty sad how much Var is faked so I'm glad there are reputable sources that actually sell the real stuff. Even if it wasn't on sale it's worth it to get what you pay for.

Now that I know that I like Xeno Labs I'll for sure pull the trigger on some of their other products.

Here is a list of websites where you can order legit Xeno products: