Modafinil vs. Adraf...

Modafinil vs. Adrafinil  


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11/09/2019 12:22 pm  

I am using Modafinil now. I am wondering if it is REALLY that much safer than Adrafinil or if the whole liver enzyme thing is something blown way out of proportion for marketing purposes. Obviously, Adrafinil is much cheaper.

To those who have used both: do you notice a difference? Is one superior to the other?

Also, if anyone is interested in having the Sun Pharma version of Modafinil analyzed, perhaps any of us who are interested could share the cost of having it tested. $1 per 200mg pill vs. $8 for Provigil is too good to pass up, but there seems to be some concern about whether or not Sun Pharma's "Modalert" is the real deal. I ordered some and will compare it to Provigil and post my subjective opinion, but would still really like to have it privately analyzed.


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