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for those who hate vegetables

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i dont eat any vegetables besides salad so to make things easier i came up with this idea

take brocolli, potatoes, carrots, spinach, cabbage, asparagus and any vegetable you hate to eat

throw it in the blender with some water and blend it until its like baby food
so now you have about 3 days worth of vegetable soup so theres your fibrous carbs

put that in the fridge and microwave a bowl whenever you need to eat

now every i cook steak or chicken, i chop it into pieces so it cooks faster and i cook with pam, in a pan and just stir it with a spatula

after the soup come out of the microwave i throw in all the meat i just cooked, throw in a little bit of no-salt and there we go

this whole process takes very little time and very little cleaning for those who live alone

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Thanks for that recipe! I find it very hard to eat vegetables and fruit but I love baby food. From now on, I'll put everything in the blender and eat it like compote or mashed potatoes.

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Anybody try this yet? I wonder how it tastes with all that mixed together. I do like the convience of it.