Great shake idea!!!
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Great shake idea!!!

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Love these shakes.

In blender
2 scoops Pro Complex vanilla or your favorite protein powder
¼ Cup H20
¼ Cup Apple Juice
½ Cup fat free non dairy creamer (powdered)
½ Banana
Davinci sugar free Orange syrup about 4TBSP
¼ cup generic pre mixed orange mix (Tang, but generic)
Little bit of honey to taste
Add ice and mix.

Davinci has all kinds of sugar and sugar free syrups. You can find them all over the internet. Don’t pay more than $5 or so.
They have, mocha, vanilla, watermelon, cola, etc.

When trying to go easy on the sugar
Use Crystal Lite in place of the orange mix and cut out the honey.
You can remove the banana also, but the consistency will suck.