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light Chicken Breast Marinade! :)

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now this is what im talking about!!

get your chicken breasts, or whatever part of the chicken you have. stick it in a big ass bowl cleaned and stripped of all fat and bone etc. then in another small bowl add the juice of one lemon, a couple of crushed cloves of garlic, and some sweet chilli sauce. (the one with the light colour and the seeds). Mix it all around untill its all blended together, like just stir it up. depending on the amount of chicken u have, just adjust the amount of marinade, its not hot but is kinda sweet and tasty!! with the chicken in the big bowl pour the marinade in the small bowl all over the chicken pieces and let them juice up (hehe) over night. the day later, cut up the breasts and whack em on skewers and grill them, or use something like the foreman grill to do the breasts whole! i guarentee you wont be disappointed! its kind of a quick and easy one just thought id share! take it easy guys!