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No cheat Protein pudding desert.

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Get some non fat/sugar free pudding mix. Substitute the milk if you want with water and Protein powder. I used 3 cups of water and 6 scoop's of chocolate protein powder. Now heat the water on stove add the mix in and stir that in with a wisk constantly stirring. When you have that all mixed in nice add the Protein powder in and mix in. Now you need to bring it to a boil not a wild boil just to where it's bubbling nicely. This took awhile cause I did not want the the heat up high to burn my precious protein, so I cooked it at a medium heat until it boiled. Once reached a boil turn off, the pudding should already be thickining. Now grab about 5 bowls and scoop it all in- it makes about 5 nice servings. No sugar!
Nutrient ratio's per serving ( 5 servings total) *Also depends on the Protein Powder you use. This is for mine.
36- Cals
1g -Fat
25g- Protein
8- Carbs- no sugar.
1g- Fiber

I like to sprinkle the top with a packet of Splenda. Try it.