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Roids-Shop.Com Supplier

I have placed two orders with so far and I'll be placing another shortly. So far their services have been second to none in my opinion. I used to get gear from a local source but with R-S I can find it at a fraction of the price. I stick primarily to Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products. Their Test E has been spot on and their Tren E is amazing. I have no doubts about the dosing on KP products. Comparing them with the results I got from a local supplier, Roids Shop is the same quality if not better! Very solid gains in strength and size. Their shipping is reasonable and as long as you plan ahead you won't be disappointed. I received first order in a week and a half after payment was sent. Second order got hung up at post office which wasn't R-S fault but still was in my hands in 2 weeks. Keep in mind there's also a delay in payment since you have to order, go to international money transfer agency and the money has to clear. This generally adds a day or two to the process. I spoke with customer service once about a product questions. They were helpful and professional! I'll keep going back as long as they stay in business. Can't argue with success!

I worried about this at first but with their packaging techniques is very discreet! Also, they put great care in making sure everything is wrapped safely so it all arrives in one piece. They have this down pat for sure. Here is what I have ordered so far:

  • KP Test E
  • KP Tren E
  • DP Helios (clen)
  • KP Deca
  • KP anastrozole
  • KP Clomiphene
  • KP Proviron
  • HCG Pregnyl 5000iu
  • Axio Anavar

Quality is great. Solid gains time and time again. I've never noticed that any bottle has been dosed differently than the last. Tren is amazing! I blew up on this stuff! Some PIP from initial use but that went away and never returned. I don't know how the rest of you dose but I'm medium in that respect and as long as I listen to my body and adjust the anastrozole accordingly I get very little side effects. Unless you can get pharm grade, is the best I've used. I've been ordering from them for about a year now and I have no plans to stop!

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I ordered a crap load of turnabol 10mg from about a few months ago. I did a nice short 8 cycle with it and their test prop.

They supplied everything. Very easy going transaction

The tbol was outstanding.

I ran it for 60mg week 1-4

80mg week 4-6

100mg week 6-10

Test prop 50mg everyday I was absalout shreddddded on this. I went from about 9%bf to competition bf and im not even competing.

strength was very good

I personally choose tbol over dbol anyday. I was able to keep most of my gains off of it. 80mg was the sweet spot and was huge difference than 60. But 100mg wasnt that much of a gap from 80.

love tbols !

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Another order placed and delivered. Thanks to I can say my life has changed for the better. Lost count on how many orders I've placed with roids-shop and they always come thru. Best place to get your gear without a doubt.

Quality seems excellent.

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I've ordered from 12-15 times now. I've Always had a good experience with them and have yet to have any issues with shipping, payments or product

Communication was good, Quick, easy to correspond with and available all hours of the day.

Turn around was good. Received products sooner than estimated time that I was notified about. Everything was packaged securely.

Axio Prop, Tren Ace and Mast prop and the best in my opinion for a nice cut. using min 350/week of each for 8-10 weeks up to a show and couldnt be happier. Clen and aromasin alongside as a fat burner and AI. I love the Axio aromasin. Always have letro on hand in case i need it as well.

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My first order from for my first cycle. Received my order 1-2 weeks later, nice and discreet packaging. I ordered the KP test e 250 and the 5000iu HCG. I have just started week one of my PCT. Gear wise, I have nothing to compare it to as it is my first cycle but I did gain a considerable amount of muscle. HCG is legit as there was little to no shrinkage of the balls. All in all a great service from Roids-Shop.

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Have used roids-shop for almost everything. His KP line is great and his pharma pct products have always got me back to normal. This review is for TB-500

I broke my ankle playing bball and messed up my tendons and ligaments in my ankle. I started running 5mg a week of Tb 500. did not notice much the first few weeks but after that i did. My ankle started healing very fast. My physical therapist was shocked how fast i was running again. I went from barley walking to running full speed and being able to dunk again in 5-6 weeks. A fracture with torn ligaments and tendons should have kept me out much longer.I wouldn't be surprised if pro athletes use this stuff. It def has its place in sports medicine

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Recommend without hesitation. Excellent and timely. Order was received within their T/A. Discrete, secure packaging.

5 x Pfizer Genotropin 36 IU Pen

Best HGH I've ever taken. This stuff is so pure the dosage is less than half of what I was taking with other well known HGH. Less than 2iu's 5 days a week has been potent. Have become leaner while putting on mass

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One of the trusted and best source so far.

I had made many orders on, every order is processed in time.

Support and communication is one of the best, Online support and general email support, ticketing system and followup. You always know that you will get answer and help.

Delivery need quite long time, tracking information is also delayed. But despite this you still are confident that you will receive your order, early or later. Providing tracking information in time need to be improved.

Packaging is one of the best, very careful and good compact packages!

Axio Test Prop 100

Axio TestEnanth 250

Axio Deca 250

Axio Methan 10

Axio Stan 50 (Winstrol tabs)

Winstrol 20 (Stanozolol)

Anavar 20 (Oxandrolone)

Axio Exemestane (Aromasin)

Axio Nolva (Nolvadex)

Axio Clomiphene (Clomid)

CYTOVER T3 CJC-1295 with DAC 2MG


Kalpatropin 1 kit (10 vials x10iu)

What can I say, all product was super, more over when I ordered and get peptides I make I passed a blood test for growth hormone and it was positive, I mean it was high than normal! HGH is also shipped in time and was legit and work.

Everyone how trying to find trusted source, is the right place!

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This review is based on my current cycle with DP test/EQ blend.

None needed do to excellent service.

Discreet and great timing for being international.

I ran the blend for 16 wks at 3cc which comes out to 600mg test/600mg EQ. I ran the Winny Tabs for the last 4wks of the 16. I kept my diet on a low carb high protien and stuck with it to a T. I'm very impressed with the overall outcome from these two products. The blend kept my recovery time down and my appetite up. The first month was hard do to it took a lil while for this product to really kick in, but once I got past the first month man what a ride. I experienced very full and tight pumps! I started looking like a road map towards the 2nd month. I ended up putting on 12 pounds of hard lean muscle and couldn't be more please with my results. Also the last month with the winstrol my endurance went threw the roof! I was reping out weight like it was even there. Overall experience with these products and cycle were nothing but GREAT!

I'm very please with and his products and they've always been there to help whenever there was a issue. Looking forward to my next run with thier products.

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Just recieved my second order from! Placed order on jan 17 and came in the mail yesterday, and thats,not even the good part! I placed an order for 3 bottles dragon pharma test p (used DP test e in the past and holy sh#% its g2g). I also orderd 7 packets of british dragon oxandrolon.(enought for 7 weeks at 80 mg per day). Was kind of skeptical about this brand because there were not any reviews on it but I figured is always g2g so il give it a shot. Plus its half the price of any anavar you will ever find. Open my pkg and wat do I see? 7 bottles of test p( ordered 3} and British Dragon var! Enough for 7 weeks. I am HYPED.

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I have made many orders with Roids-Shop and have had only positive experiences.

Always prompt and curtious

package was secure and discrete, delivery well within T/A

15 Test Cyp (Kalpa)

3 Kalpatropin HGH

I just finished a 12 week blast with the cyp. I had the typical sides increased aggression, night sweats, flare up of backne and noticeable strength gains after 5 weeks. I am still useing the kalpatropin @ 3ui/day I expereinced some swelling in my hands and extreme lethargy the first few weeks night time sleeping is some what better i am not sure if its the gh but pumps in the gym have been insane lately. my diet during my recent blast was off a bit but even so body fat dropped by a 1/2%

I have made many orders with and will continue to based on the quality of the gear, price and delivery times

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Recently placed another order from and as usual it was a perfect experience is there for me 100% of the time not just this last order but if I ever have a question I always get a response in a reasonable time. If I ever had a problem they have fixed it. Can't think of anyone more trustworthy IMO

Perfectly packaged and ariaved in half the time that they told me it would take so they are rock stars.

Currently running the tren and I feel comfortable making my review, since it is enanthete took a couple weeks to kick but now I'm on and feeling great..night sweats were the begging and the tren dreams. Now I can feel the extra strength coming on. Getting extra reps in more daily. I have ran Axio tren from on many occasions and this time is nothing different. The Arimidex I am always on .5mg e3d when I'm running any test and I have always been taking Axio and again these packs are no different not showing any signs of gyno or elevated estrogen so it's doing its job. The Bactrim was used for a break out I had on my chest that got out of control after 7 days that was gone. The doxy was used by a friend for an std and he's all set after 10 days 🙂 lucky him

I recommend strongly

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Once again come through! For those who are looking for a reliable source need to look no further. has come through for me time and time again. My most recent order actually got flagged by the money transfer service. They sent an email with instructions to fix and continue with order. I completed the instructions with ease and no problems. I thought that this would delay my shipment, but to my surprise the package showed up in 8 days from the time that I resubmitted payment information. Everyone was happy! As far as the quality of the goods are concerned, everyone loves their stuff. Many users have tried other sources and brands and now that they use the BD brand, they are in LOVE. continued reliability has kept me a customer and will continue to keep me as a customer! Very happy and satisfied! 🙂

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Posts: 3 is top-notch! I have been ordering from them for over a year, have at least 10 orders, and never had an issue. I will be in Roids-Shop's customer for life!

Communication is second to none. I've only had an issue once out of all the orders I made and when I reached out to them they got back to me immediately and the issue was resolved.

The time of arrival has always been within 14 days every single time. I cannot say that from any other supplier. The packaging is discrete and tight and I've never had an issue with a broken bottle or amp ever!

Test, Deca, Anavar, Anadrol, EQ, Tren, all of the a I's you can think of and HGH. All the products are top notch

Best products I've ever used. From the human grade line to Axiolabs to Kalpa to Dragon Pharma all of it is top notch

I have been ordering from for over year. I plan on ordering for them for the rest of my life! I can't even think of another site to go to. No other competitor. is king!