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Roids-Shop.Com Supplier

I have placed two orders with so far and I'll be placing another shortly. So far their services have been second to none in my opinion. I used to get gear from a local source but with R-S I can find it at a fraction of the price. I stick primarily to Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products. Their Test E has been spot on and their Tren E is amazing. I have no doubts about the dosing on KP products. Comparing them with the results I got from a local supplier, Roids Shop is the same quality if not better! Very solid gains in strength and size. Their shipping is reasonable and as long as you plan ahead you won't be disappointed. I received first order in a week and a half after payment was sent. Second order got hung up at post office which wasn't R-S fault but still was in my hands in 2 weeks. Keep in mind there's also a delay in payment since you have to order, go to international money transfer agency and the money has to clear. This generally adds a day or two to the process. I spoke with customer service once about a product questions. They were helpful and professional! I'll keep going back as long as they stay in business. Can't argue with success!

I worried about this at first but with their packaging techniques is very discreet! Also, they put great care in making sure everything is wrapped safely so it all arrives in one piece. They have this down pat for sure. Here is what I have ordered so far:

  • KP Test E
  • KP Tren E
  • DP Helios (clen)
  • KP Deca
  • KP anastrozole
  • KP Clomiphene
  • KP Proviron
  • HCG Pregnyl 5000iu
  • Axio Anavar

Quality is great. Solid gains time and time again. I've never noticed that any bottle has been dosed differently than the last. Tren is amazing! I blew up on this stuff! Some PIP from initial use but that went away and never returned. I don't know how the rest of you dose but I'm medium in that respect and as long as I listen to my body and adjust the anastrozole accordingly I get very little side effects. Unless you can get pharm grade, is the best I've used. I've been ordering from them for about a year now and I have no plans to stop!

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I ordered a crap load of turnabol 10mg from about a few months ago. I did a nice short 8 cycle with it and their test prop.

They supplied everything. Very easy going transaction

The tbol was outstanding.

I ran it for 60mg week 1-4

80mg week 4-6

100mg week 6-10

Test prop 50mg everyday I was absalout shreddddded on this. I went from about 9%bf to competition bf and im not even competing.

strength was very good

I personally choose tbol over dbol anyday. I was able to keep most of my gains off of it. 80mg was the sweet spot and was huge difference than 60. But 100mg wasnt that much of a gap from 80.

love tbols !

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Another order placed and delivered. Thanks to I can say my life has changed for the better. Lost count on how many orders I've placed with naps and they always come thru. Best place to get your gear without a doubt.

Quality seems excellent.

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I've ordered from 12-15 times now. I've Always had a good experience with them and have yet to have any issues with shipping, payments or product

Communication was good, Quick, easy to correspond with and available all hours of the day.

Turn around was good. Received products sooner than estimated time that I was notified about. Everything was packaged securely.

Axio Prop, Tren Ace and Mast prop and the best in my opinion for a nice cut. using min 350/week of each for 8-10 weeks up to a show and couldnt be happier. Clen and aromasin alongside as a fat burner and AI. I love the Axio aromasin. Always have letro on hand in case i need it as well.

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My first order from for my first cycle. Received my order 1-2 weeks later, nice and discreet packaging. I ordered the KP test e 250 and the 5000iu HCG. I have just started week one of my PCT. Gear wise, I have nothing to compare it to as it is my first cycle but I did gain a considerable amount of muscle. HCG is legit as there was little to no shrinkage of the balls. All in all a great service from Roids-Shop.