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Good old MassRoids Always comes through !! These guys amaze me on how on point they are!! They must get 100's of orders a month and i always get my package a week to 10 days after the cash is picked up. I highly recommend Massroids for everything your looking for. Even if you cant find it on the site just send them an email and they'll do there best to help and find whatever it is your after!!

If i order on monday i can bet it will be on my door step by the following friday !! Super fast!!

My last order was inspected by homeland security and it still got to me!!!

  • KP TEST Cyp
  • Aromasin
  • Nolva
  • HGH Kalpatropin
  • KP Oxandroxyl (Anavar)
  • Axio Oxandroplex

Been running 2iu every day of the Kalpatropin HGH 8 weeks, Dropped about 4% BF in 2 weeks Numbness in hands

Test E was Amazing, sex drive up , strength went through the roof but that may have been from the Var. NO PIP at all 9/10 ran for 5 weeks TEST cyp-ran after the Test E , had basically the same effects, but i held a bit more water on the cyp over the E

ran 5 weeks after the test E Anavar - ran @ 60mg daily at week 4 , hardened up all my gains and strength went sky high, also lost some body fat.

ran from week 4 through week 10 Aromasin - 12.5 mg every other day. kept all estrogen sides at bay.

ran whole cycle CLEN- got the shakes and sweats like crazy. hard time sleeping so i started taking melatonin to help. cant really say how much it helped cause of the stack but the first week i was on I dropped 7 Lbs. Could have been water though.

ran weeks 5-9 Nolva- ran 4 weeks PCT and did bloods after the 4th week and my Natty test was back at 734

highly endorse all the Kalpa products , they are spot on and sometimes over dosed ... Order with and have peace of mind that your order will be taken care of