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This was my 1st time ordering from, and they have delivered on quality and shipping was super quick. I thought it would take 3 weeks to get my packages, but the first one arrived after only 1 week. Last time I used Test Prop I had decent gains and the it kicked in fast, this time i went with Kalpa. I ordered Stanoxyl, Thyroxyl and Clen by Kalpa Pharma, an DP Aromasin and Nolvadex.

I used the tickets system on their site for multiple reasons. First one of the tracking numbers was wrong, but it was fixed within 3 days. Second time, because there I ordered 22 vial of test prop, but only received 12. This case has taken 2 weeks to get resolved, but in the and they sent me double the total amount, so i'm happy, although it took some time, but i received 44 vials, because of the inconvenience. So they are a reliable source, I can only recommend them.

Packaging was on point, one of the tracking number was faulty, but they quickly corrected the error.

Quality is good! The Kalpa's Test Prop strength was good, didn't get PIP. The KP products were on point, for this price, you can't wish anymore. Clen was hard on me the first few days, but got used to it, the potency was real good. Cutting is going great, i managed to put on muscle and loose fat at the same time, with this stack, gained about 8lbs of muscle and lost 12lbs of fat during the last 6 weeks. Strength keeps getting higher, even though i was in a caloric deficit, bench went up 25 lbs, squat +20lbs, dead lift 30lbs.

Thanks ROIDSPHARM! I'll be ordering again for sure, your prices and quality are better than the competition, not to mention the Bitcoin discount which puts the dot to the i. If someone is looking for a trustable source i always recommend for them. I'm already planning what my next order will be!


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Definitely one of the best companies ive ever had to deal with. I have been going through roidspharm for nearly 3 years and have always received everything I ordered in a timely manner. Ill still continue to go through them for a long time. Never a single issue.

No actual communication to them since ive never had a problem

Very safe and secure packaging. Needless to say it wont break.

Since ive taken the dbol and halo I was able to leg press nearly 1100 lbs with ease. Every lift has gone drastically up.

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I was very hesitant about ordering online but after reading the many positive reviews, I decided to give it a chance. This was my first order and I am extremely satisfied with the overall process. Everything was just as listed and packaged extremely tight. I will continue to use this source for all my future needs.

Very easy process and any questions I had was handled quickly. The merchandise I ordered arrived within the time that was listed and packaged very well. This was a concern of mine before ordering but I have no worries now. Packaged extremely well.

Upon receiving the products, I examined them very close and each one was top notch. I have been using for several weeks now and have already noticed some nice gains. No problems with PIP. There is no question that these products are of the utmost quality.

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This is my third order, I have been very pleased with the their products, and quick turn around time.

Packaged tightly, and delivered within 2 weeks from initial order!

Test Prop 100 - 3 ordered

Npp 100 - 2 ordered

Arimidex - 1 bottle

I'm currently running 3cc's of Test P and Npp weekly for the past three months. Energy levels have been way up, and feeling an overall satisfaction. Pumps have been awesome, and plenty of stamina to get me through my vigorous workouts! I have been in the game for many years, and I gain weight and muscle fairly easy. I personally don't need the long esters to bulk or gain a lot of size. These two products keep my muscles full and lean which is what I'm after.

I have ordered from various sources on this site. I'm vary satisfied and will continue to make my orders through RoidsPharm. I want to also state that there is no Pip with their products whatsoever.

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Wow what can i say about ROIDSPHARM but AWESOME!! I did a bunch of reading before finally placing an order and im happy i went with roidspharm order came in 20 days . I went with the DP line and so far so good no pip very smooth and felt the sus kick in right away .so for those of you thinking about placing an order but are not sure go for it you will not be disappointed

Support was spot on answered all my questions with in a few hours

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Ordered several orders from roidspharm and am continually AMAZED with the quality and service they provide. Any time I've ever had an issue it was handled quickly and professionally by customer support. My last issue was responded to in ONE MINUTE!!! I would nevER dream of ordering my gear from any other source.

Discreet, secure, and packaged perfectly.

Geneza Anavar, Geneza Primabolin, Geneza Prop.

10 weeks in and all products are amazing. Cardio through the roof. BF down 5%, weight up 15lbs and Geneza Anavar is LEGIT. Veins popping everywhere. Pumps amazing!!!

Please don't waste your time with any other supplier. These guys are the real deal. Professional and pharmaceutical grade products. LOVE THEM