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KalpaPharm.Com Supplier is by far the best site for buying quality gear at a cheap price. I have put in well over 30 orders with these guys over the past three years, and have zero complaints. They are very professional, and treat every customer as if they were the only ones. Every part of there business is spot on, but what really makes them different from other sites is there weekly 50 percent off sale. Every week the customers vote on which products they would like to see 50 percent off each monday! Its a great way to bulk up on all the gear you will need. Hands down, is the best site for quality, price and customer service!!!

I would give Communication an A+. There has been a couple confusions in the past, so I typed up a quick message to them, and the next day they had answered all my questions to the T. They have staff that will walk you through the whole process and answer any questions and concerns you may have. Great communication and support!!

On average my packages would be delivered within 2 weeks tops. That means once my payment has been received I will have tracking number within a day or two and I get to watch it in action all the way to my doorstep. Its kind of exciting watching my package being processed through EVERY country, state, and city. The packaging is always wrapped up in a very small and discrete package. You can tell they take there time on packaging.

I have literally ordered every single Kalpa pharma product they have. Ill name the ones I can think of at the moment..... Test cyp, test E, dbol, winni, nolva, clomid, deca, EQ, proviron, tren ace, tren enanth, anavar, halotest. I have ordered much more, but these are the ones I can think of at the moment. I can promise you that everything I have ever ordered through them has been 100 percent legit!

The quality is unbeatable in my opinion. I have used other products in the past, but after using Kalpa there is no reason to look anywhere else. I have been using Kalpa products off and on for the past 3 years, and they have done wonders for my body and well being!!

If you don't have a legit source yet, I highly recommend giving a shot! You will save time, money, and stresss!!

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I have used Kalpa for over a yr now ,everything i ordered has been legit g2go

Last order of tren enth and test did not let me down either gained 5 pounds lean muscle

It was descret and well packaged

I would only use from now on

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This is my fourth order from KALPA, and I am extremely satisfied. I'm sure a lot of people read these reviews just like I did to find out the best place to buy gear. Well KP is by far the best in my opinion. The whole process is easy and secure. No hassles and no worries.Needless to say I was very nervous ordering gear online for the first time ever. Kalpa was absolutely awesome and completely professional. I am now a customer for life and highly recommend them to everyone that needs gear!

Great communication and support. These guys know what they are doing. You are dealing with some serious guys that only want things to go smooth.

The packaging was great and you can't even imagine how smart they have packed the products to make sure that you receive everything. Very very professional.

I only buy KP products and i am always 100% satisfied. NOT ONE COMPLAINT, EVER!

If your looking for a source this is it please take my advice and buy from Kalpa - they are #1.

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These guys r top notch it doesn't get much better.placed my order and made donation and it was picked up same day and had payment confirmation the following.better than some domestic sources I've delt with in the past. These guys r the real freakin deal straight up no bullshit!!!

I only had 1 question that was answered rite away by email other than that there was no communication needed. KP is on point!!

Everything was packaged very professional and discrete. I received my pack in less than 2weeks which is outstanding for international!!

1xTest prop

2x provion tabs

Oil is straight up fire I felt that shit in 2days

Libido wayyyyy up!!!!!

Provion is definitely on point as well I will continue to use that in all of my cycles.

If ur on the fence about using this source don't b I promise u will not b disappointed!!!

KP keep up the great work!!

Thanks again for comin through once more!!!


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My goto source for gears needs- one and only

Great communication and support

Perfectly packed

I ran 12 weeks cycle - shot two time week-

My strength went up so much more any any other cycle..

Add about 10 pounds of high quality muscle

Must cycle and gear at top noch

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These guys are awesome. Just sit back and wait, KP shipping has been taking about 2-3 weeks to US but it'll land and be expertly packed.

Excellently packed. Plenty of protection and tightness, not to mention couldn't even see the actual products inside.

Winny is dosed good, all Kalpa products I've used have been potent and great. I just love the balkan human grade sust Amps so indulge every now and then

Great place to go and great selection as well as product of the week on sale and easy to use payment methods

Viva la snatch! - Colin

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I have had many pleasant experiences ordering from kalpapharm. All of my orders have been quickly processed and shipped. I find the web-site is easy to navigate and I love the product of the week deals. Customer service is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any question you may have.

The packaging was very discreet and I was suprise and the continual quality effort they put into packaging your products.

I love This is the only site I trust and enjoying shopping with.

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This review is for my second order from I added in KP Tren A 100 this time and from a value standpoint I must say Kalpa is the way to go. I've stuck with KP for my first 2 cycles and I see no reason to switch brands. Great mass and also great progress from both cycles. I will definitely use Kalpa for my future orders.

I didn't need any excess communication other than purchasing the order. The money transfer went very smoothly and I found no reason to have to contact them further. Nice and easy process done right as it should be.

The packaging came in a neat and tight package of 2 with plenty of protective wrapping inside the envelope. The vials were also tapped together for safe transport.

Kalpa brand products have worked wonders for me and I will continue using them in the future. Overall all the products have been great and not to many harsh sides out of the ordinary from both Tren A and Test E.

I would recommend both and KP for anyone who is willing to hope on with the correct research it will definitely go a long way for your progression.

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I ordered from twice, both took about 2-3 weeks, and this was about the time they were having some major issues. They sent me Test E instead of Tren E, which is cool, at least I got some value for what I paid. I sent them a little complaint, I did receive my Tren about 2 weeks of charge so I'm a fan. Gear is definitely legit!

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Kalpa is highly rated because they do things right.

I inquired and ordered (2) kits of Kalaptropin, great communication, fast accurate shipping information.

I've been on the Kalpatropin for roughly 4 weeks, not really seeing any weight loss but have improved strength and overall feeling better.

Sides include aching joints and some acne.

Packaging was professionally packaged.

I will continue to do business with, good quality company that communicates and delivers.

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KP will deliver quality product! Not just that.. their Customer service is 5 stars answers all your questions promptly

Best in the business, they have a whole seperste page for just customer service

International order got here in 2 weeks time, packaging was discrete and cushioned

Proviroxyl, helped me with libido got me feeling like 18 again due to the free testosterone floating around.

Both KP and Axio prop is good to go, I used KP first did .5ml every 3 days just for a boost and wow u can feel it heart starts racing a bit, then settles and face starts to get oily and i just feel energized, same goes for Axio.

Testoxyl is on point 1 mL a week is all I need labs were at 2000 testosterone total just with 1 mL weekly which are 250mg. is good, carries a load of varieties.

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Posts: 16 is on point! Kalpa is great smooth and pip free gear! Top shelf awsome quality! Will do buisness with again!! Specially all these promos they offer! KP thank you for ur support and awsome gear! By far some of the strongest products I have used!!

Took 4 days to prepare then once shipped took 9 days to arrive! Not bad at all!

2x tren 3x legit pharma caber 2x dbol

10/10 great one of strongest trens I have used and dbol is def on point!! Finished up my 4 week run and last 2 weeks I ended up gaining an extra 4 lbs lean sweated like crazy but was worth it in the end!

Thank u KP I will be back for more!

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