gaspari thyrotabs?
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gaspari thyrotabs?

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ok thanks for the help!

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Unlike Bio I have no issues using protein powder as my main source of protein. However I mix it with water and two table spoons of flax oil. I agree with Bio that your idea of a diet is WAY OFF base and if you want to get lean and make some moderate muscle gains then you really need to review/research the diet forum as well as get online and read any and all BBing related info regarding nutrition.

You will find that we all tend to have similar yet somewhat different ways in which we diet, but then our bodies do differ somewhat genetically. You however are just a beginner as far as nutrition goes for you right now 3 solid high protein, moderate fat (EFAs), and low to moderate carb meals are the basics of your diet and 3 protein shakes in water with a bit of flax oil is the best place to start. Try and eat every 2.5 hours and set it up so that you have a meal then a shake then a meal etc.

Have a shake plus high glycemic carbs post workout (this is not included in your meals). This plus some of the info above will help to get you into better shape...Oh and you do not need 3400 cals unless you want to bulk up. Try and get 2500 cals at most per day.

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