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John Parillo's methods?

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Layne (and anyone else for that matter):

Has anyone read John Parillo's book ("High Intensity Bodybuilding"- I think)? He had two theories that seem to stand out in my mind:

1. MCT oil (he talked about this stuff like it was liquid gold).

2. Fascial stretching (putting muscles into an extreme stretch position for the purpose of stretching the fascia, thereby making more room for the muscle, making it easier for the muscle to expand, etc.).

I read his book 10 (+/-) years ago but have lost it. I also received his catalog of custom trianing equipment. He had a few AWESOME pieces of equpment- benches, etc. that I could tell JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM would bring superior stimulation. Example: an incline that actually went up in two stages (an angle, then another angle), resulting in a SUPPORTED arch in he back, intended for superior pec stimulation.

I believe he stopped selling this equipment (maybe not enough demand? too pricey?).

Does anyone have a copy of the catalog? I'd like to use it as a blueprint and make a few of the pieces of equipment.


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Wasn't John the guy who advocated taking massive amounts of cals 10000 kcal.d-1?


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His training and dietary advice is, for the most part, horrible.