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Lowering my Blood pressure

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hey i am 16, and i have been suffering from high blood pressure since 15, and everytime i try to gain mass, my blood pressure soars and i get blinding headaches. the cardiologist wont send me no medications and i am stuck with over the counter stuff i have used garlic pills and they work. but they just dont seem to cut it when my weight increases, i have heard of co-enzyme Q-10 so i bougth a bottle if you know anything else that might help thankz.

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High blood pressure is extremely dangerous... there are things you can do to help though.

Probably the easiest thing you can do is cut sodium from your diet. Sodium causes water retention which makes your heart work harder than it has to.

Eat high fiber, low fat.
Fruits / Vegetables can help accomplish this.

Cut out the alcohol... if you drink.

There isn't much else I can think of that you can do to help out... except well, lower your weight. What is your systolic / diastolic pressure right now? (i.e. 140/90)

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A natural way of lowering HBP is potassium. look at like this, from my understanding your blood cells are like a circle w/ a front door and a back door. sodium comes thru the front and cant escape causing a overload inthe circle ie. HBP. pot. is the key to unlocking the backdoor which decreases the presure. Warrior beware! too much pot. can disrupt heart rhythm.

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also, drink tons of H20!