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This was posted by one of my fellow mods over on bolex and I thought it was very good information to pass on......of course I have to give Cirtuside the credit for writing the info

Bromocriptine.... a little bit on it...
I posted this over at EF ... it is kind of a brief outline of my research on this "fat burner" -- I quoted that because it isn't a typical fat burner... not like Ephedra that acts as a thremogenic... or DNP that acts as an ATP inhibitor... but rather, it sparks the metabolism through stimulating the D2 (dopamine) receptors... it is very interesting to say the least.

First off, I want to point out that before doing ANY substance of any kind, you need to do much research. Please make sure to look into everything that you intend to put into your body, and only use this board for research purposes. All that being said

Bromo is a D2 (dopamine receptor) agonist... a very strong one at that... and it is a D1 receptor antagonist... but a very weak one. That is how it is both an agonist and antagonist... but is is PRIMARILY an agonist... basically, it will stimulate both pre and post synaptic receptors... but to different degrees.

This would lead to both a stimulus of your dopamine receptors... as well as a depression of them... to some extent. Bromo doesn't BURN fat... as a thermogenic drug would (ephedra), nor is it an ATP-inhibitor such as DNP... rather, it would increase the dopamine production... increasing your metabolism... eating up more calories...

Now... let's get to the good stuff...

Bromo has MANY effects and uses... as you know already, it is used to help treat parkinson's disease... it is a great drug for "reversing the effects of aging"... it can dramatically decrease a person's senility... (as a person ages, their dopamine production decreases...)... hence, it is sometimes hailed as a great anti-aging drug. It also increases the production of your body's OWN natural GH if you have normal levels... if you have elevated natural levels... it will suppress it back down to normal... the same thing said for a higher core body temperature...

But Fat Loss is the issue here isn't it? Well... Bromo inhibits prolactin production... which has been described as a fat synthsis hormone... (prolactin starts lactating effect in women and fat gain during pregnancy)... this could also help explain why women lose fat on this (it does the same for men... but I'm not sure what the role of prolactin is in the male body?)... it also acts to alter CNS-regulation... thereby altering your metabolism... preventing weight gain... another thread of evidence which points to fat burning... if you have excess.

Talk about all the studies that this shit is a aphrodisiac!!! Geesh! Increased ovulation in women, more fertility... and it works to increase the sexual stimulus in the brain... meaning... it works completely different than viagra works... is this the real reason you are asking supergirl?!?

Bromo is the most potent ergot (derivative of the fungi)... it has been tested on rats... one group was put in conditions to cause breast cancer... and all did... while others, put in the same conditions... and having bromo... did not develop any cancerous effects... therefore, bromo appears to be a free radical quencher.

All in all, I'd say this stuff was pretty safe. I wouldn't suggest taking it if you were a lactating female, or pregnant... you should be thinking more clearly on it as well... there could be some other sides... such as nausea and headaches... to end on a high note... Bromo can decrease your blood pressure... if it is high... in all my research, it seems to be the "status quo" drug... if you have to little of something, it brings it back to normal... same if you have too much... and it is very interesting...