My wife's LEGS.....
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My wife's LEGS.....

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My wife is petite but her legs seem to bulk fast and it throws off her body's symmetry. She complains that she has "short stumpy legs". Is there anything she can do to help slim down her legs? She has good muscle town and fairly low body fat she just has thicker thighs. Any slimming advice would be appreciated. She does legs twice a week, but she doesn't lift too heavy and she tries to go for reps instead. Thanks.

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It would be best if she go light to moderate on squats and leg press, so not to all more bulk. More extensions and lunges would help and the ellipitcal for cardio. That really melts the fat when combined with proper eating.

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MsFit gave some good advice. I just want to add to it.

First of all let us make sure, that you are not talking about spot reduction. There is no such thing. Doing exercises does not the fat put away. Only eating less calories will make the legs thinner.

In addition, the way the body stores fat is genetic. For example, men will first pack fat around their waists and then at their thighs. This means that men cannot lose fat on their stomach before they lose it on their legs. You know, last in, first out.

For women, it is the opposite. First they get it on their legs then everywhere else. Therefore, that fat on the legs will go last.

So, diet is the key here. STILL, exercise is important for many reasons.

Cellulite for example. It is not a special kind of fat that just won't go away. It is fat under loose skin. With some exercise to make the muscles underneath larger, the cellulite is gone since the skin is tightened up.

So, if your wife has cellulite, she'll need to go a bit heavier on the weights.

Next thing you haveto check out is bone structure. Is her lower body structure thicker than the upper body one? If this is the case, ther is not much that she can do, except for toning and definition.

Nice legs do not have to be a mile long and thing. Strong and muscular can be nice, too.


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when you say bulk fast I assume you mean muscle.. strict diet and lots of cardio will burn up fat and muscle..

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high reps on legs and more cardio.