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? about length different roids stay in system

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I am getting a divorce and I am fighting for custody of my child, my wife keeps threatening to get me tested for juice. I need to know what kind of steroids stay in your system for a short amount of time, like 2-4 days.

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Thats a good list.. except they can still be detected much longer than that...

Testosterone undecanoate : 1 week
Testosterone Propionate : 2 weeks
oral Stanozolol : 3 weeks
Oxandrolone - Anavar : 3 weeks
Ethylestrenole : 5 weeks
Mesterolone : 5 weeks
Methandienone : 5 weeks
Noretadrolone : 5 weeks
Drostanolone propionate : 2 months
Fluoxymesterone : 2 months
Formebolone : 2 months
injectable Stanozolol : 2 months
Oxymetholone : 2 months
Testosterone cypionate : 3 months
Testosterone Enanthate : 3 months
sust250'>sustanon & Omnadren : 3 months
Boldenone undecyclate : 5 months
injectable methandienone : 5 months
Metehenolone enanthate : 5 months
Trenbolone : 5 months
trenbolone acetate : 5 months
Nandrolone phenylpropionate 12 months
Nandrolone decanoate 18 months

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What ya need to do is either dont start a cycle now or if your on one now STOP. It might be hard but keep everything civil with her. Dont play into her shit and dont start any of your own.
If gear comes up again tell her your no longer doing that; but only face to face so she's not taping it.
Also if your really concerned that she'll have you tested put a temp stop to the procedings for a few monthes.

I'm going into a divorce myself now and so far if things go the way there looking I'll be sitting pretty.

Oh and get EVERYTHING out of your house; dont put it past her to call the cops on you and then you'll never get custody!