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Give me an HO third cycle

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Weeks 1-8

Sust. 750mg
deca. 300mg
Dbol. 50mg day

Weeks 9-12

Equipoise 400 mg
winstrol 50mg day
clen 40 mg day week on / week off

10-20 mg of Nolvadex the entire cycle and clomid for two weeks after cycle.

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I personally would not run the dbol the whole 8 weeks, little harch in the liver... go for 5 instead, by then , the sust will be in full force....... and unless you are prone to gyno, I would wait to take it till symptoms appear.... just my HO.........

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Posts: 38 the dbol for 4 weeks......

and .... 4 weeks isnt long enough for equipoise.....IMO.....I'd run it for 8-10 wks.....


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Thats what i did for my 2nd cycle i did 10 weeks
1st 4 weeks dbol 50mg aday then stoped them and carried on with sust deca.
I did 200mg deca 12weeks
500mg sust both per week got good gains and lost quite alot of body fat.
Good luck bro.

by the way i found the first 4 or so jabs of sust will ache for a couple of days till its in yr system then u dont get any pain after

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That looks good to me... but personally I'd try to get a bit more deca/eq. I'd combine both the deca and eq in the same vial and just shoot a combined 500-600mg/week. They're so similar in effect that they can almost be used interchangeably... but the eq is a bit faster acting usually. You should probably run some arimidex with the dbol and test at those dosages. It'll do ya good.