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gyno nolvadex and clomid?

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My nipples have recently began to swell and are starting to get a little hard underneath. I started to take Nolvadex and clomid to help this. Should I be doing this because my problem is not stopping. So is it good to be taking nolvadex and chlomid at the same time???? this was my first cycle i took 10 shots of sus 250 for 8 weeks and I have been off my cycle for almost 3 weeks now and im starting to freak out. What should i do. How long does it take for the stuff to get out of my system, so the gyno doesnt persist. PLEASE HELP. thanks.

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Sounds like you are on the right track. How much nolva are you taking? The clomid and nolva will be competing for the same receptor. If you are that concerned, you may want to get some tribulus and some Arimidex while you get your nuts back on line....