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Okay I was planning my spring cycle and thought I had it pretty good so if anybody has any pointers I would appreciate it.
Im 5'9 right at 205 with about 13% bodyfat

Week 1... 250mg cyp 50mg winny a day

Week 2 250mg cyp 50mg winny a day

Week 3-6 500mg eq, 250mg cyp, 300mg deca, 50mg winny a day

Week 7-8 500mg eq, 300mg deca, and 50mg winny a day

Week 9-10 400mg eq, 300mg deca

Im going to take clomid Starting in Week 7 or 8. With Cardio should i be able to get pretty lean off of this?

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you don't want to run Decca and EQ at the same time because they both compete for the same receptor, i would run either Decca or EQ starting at week 1. run Cyp. all the way through your cycle. also, depending on how many cycles you have under your belt, i would limit the intake of Winny to about 6 weeks because it can tend to get harsh on the body.

if you're trying to get lean,, cardio, sleep.

just my 2 cents

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All the aas competes for the same receptor sites. There is only one. There aren't seperate ones for test or deca, or eq etc.....

deca and EQ are very close in structure, so it is not productive to take them both at the same time. Both are also long acting esters, so it is better to start them at week 1 and run them straight thru.... Run the test straight thru too.....

How many cycles have you done?

Yes, Beastness is right on..... limit the winny to weeks one thru 6.

Why not do a 6 or 8 week cycle, with winny 50mg/ed, test cyp. 250mg/wk, and eq @ 300-500 mg/wk, depending on your cycle experience.