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If both HCG and Premarin are estrogens can Premarin be used in place of HCG or are they different? I have easy access to Premarin and am wondering if popping some every couple of weeks would keep testicular atrophy at bay during a cycle.

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HCG mimics LH or is it FSH.. Damn it, these meds screw with my memory....

Anyhow, FSH and LH are put out by the pituitary and signal the testes to produce. HCG mimics one of them almost identically, I think it is LH.... This forces production. I don't know anything about premarin.... You can't assume just because it is an estrogen it will do the same..... ie.nolva is an estrogen, and estrogen itself is you guessed it, estrogen..... Doesn't make your nuts put out.....