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HGH and 3rd cycle help?

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I need some info on HGH. It has recently been added to the LIST and was wondering if it would be recommended for my third cycle, or is the experience not there yet? I want to do this the right way, so all input is greatly appreciated.

1st cycle = 50 Dbol'>D-bol daily for 8 weeks / gained 25 lbs, kept 20

2nd cycle = 50 d-bol daily for 6 weeks, 500 sust and finish with 500 sust and 400 deca for the last 4 weeks. ( 4 weeks left) / gained 10 lbs so far

a liittle help on the third cycle would be greatly appreciated so I can get prepared. I am trying to get all my homework out of the way so I can get rockin when I am ready.

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All depends whatyou are looking to gain from this cycle.. GH is not for everyone......... I would suggest doing it for a minimum of 12 weeks.... Need to take test with it to bulk up.. don't forget the insulin.....

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I would probably stay away from it for now... It's not really for the novice.....

I don't like deca for only 4 weeks, like you are doing...... I would have started it at week 1 and ran it through at 300mg/wk.....

There is lots to know bout GH, and many sides.

Read up a lot more...... Search the pages of old threas.. I've probably answered 15 different GH posts over the last 2 months...

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I haven't tried GH myself. Maybe if I get a raise...haha
Personally from what I've heard about it, it's mainly used as a tool for contest prep (not so much in the off season). I was told it is very effective for shedding the fat...and with that you have to take in more calories. Which is why someone using GH can be a little less strict in diet than someone without. Also, it's not that effective without insulin and anabolics. Again, this is from what I've read and what people I know have told me. No personal experience...yet.