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Nolvadex and Clomid?

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I am about to start my first cycle of:
deca 200mg/wk for 8 weeks
sust250'>sustanon 250mg/wk for 8 weeks
and clomid from weeks 9-11

Do I still need to get Nolvadex, or will Clomid be fine?


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Sup bud,

Novladex and clomid do quite different things, but enough to say, no need for nova unless you start to get signs of gyno - that is itchy nipples, etc so keep it close at hand. If your nDragon Pharmas do start to feel itchy take between 10-20mg tamoxifen(nova) per day.

As far as clomid goes, yes it's pretty much essential post cycle.

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Clomid and nolva do act differently in some respects, but are the same in others. The Clomid will bind to the estrogen receptor similar to the nolva, blocking the strong estrogen from the conversion of the test, dbol, etc... So some do use clomid as an anti-e... If you had a choice between the two, I'd use the nolva, but if you don't have the nolva, the clomid is a good second.....

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I read somewhere in a book that most men can handle up to something like 600 mgs of test a week with no gyno problems unless they are predisposed to it

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I think it really depends on the person, A buddy of mine would do about 2 grams a week of test enathate for ten weeks and claimed to never have any probs. - I can do about half that or so- but I'd still have some nolva in my pocket!