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Test Spike?

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Buddy of mine was talking to a guy in the gym who has been using for 23 years. He just started a run of 750 mg /w sus and some deca. Anyway the old gearhead told him to put all the sus in his ass with one shot per week. I havent had a chance to ask him why he told him to do it that way but I am wondering if the various esters in the sus are cleaved off at different times how do u get a test spike? Also if u split it up into 3 shots / w how does that keep u level ?

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Sust has 4 esters. The shortest acting is prop. Personally, I'd do 2 or 3 shots per week, say 2cc of sust on monday, and deca/ sust on Thursday, that way you can take better advantage of the prop.