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I just started working out at the gym. Is there any weight loss supplements that work good. I've tried Metabolife and ripped fuel but they make me feel like I'm on speed. Is there anything else I could try?? 😉

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pretty much most fat burners will make you feel that way ,some worst than others . But I think that HDT makes a fat burner for women that doesn't give the speed up feeling not too sure about how good it works

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you can also get ephedra-free ripped fuel, and I think Xenadrine is coming out with a ephedrine-free version, although these products are most likely not as effective as their ephedrine counterparts, but the jitters will be more tolerable...

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EAS had or has something called Phen-free or something like that... it doesn't have ephedrine......

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You may want to try the phen free by EAS, its main ingredients are synepherine and caffiene, still gives a good jolt of energy though. You may want to try lowering your dose, how many capsules are you taking at once. Personally i am partial to MD6 by Biotest since i get the best results ffrom that particular fat burner.

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I am taking xenadrene rfa-1 now and like it. I don't know about the new ephidrene free xenadrene. I know it's out on the market though...I have taken hydroxycut as well, but it just seems like you are popping pills all day. You don't have to take as many with xenadrene.;)

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I would go with ephadrene stock...I used it and never got the wirey will like this...the bottle at GNC will just say EPHADRENE and underneath dietary supplement....above both...mine says look for that andrea...this is a very good'll like it.