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best protein and mrp

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what is the best protein powder and the best mrp for a cutting cycle?

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Your probubly gonna watn an MRP that is low in fat and calories but high in protein and nutrients. Personally there are a lot of them out there and actually some shakes like Cytoplex Met-Rx and Isopure are expensive but work extremely well. Personally I respond best to MetRx shakes. Basically most MRP's are good for cutting in the right amount you just have to look for ones taht in the right proporitons in them. A cheep but good protein powder is Optimum's Whey and you can add things to it to make it better cause it is only approximately 110 cal.

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You may want to think about using a protein with Soy in it as well, as several studies have shown that soy may elevate metabolism slightly & in a study compared of caseinate mixed with carbs, vs soy isolate mixed with carbs, the group taking the soy isolate/carbs gained more lean mass vs the caseinate group.

Possbly a mix somthing along the lines of 40% soy isolate + 25% cfm whey isolate + 25% caseinate + 10% egg....& no I am not pushing my possible protein line that may be coming available...hehe..