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Im a college football player and my coaches want me to gain weight and I dont want to add ay more fat to my body, so how do i eat so i can gain weight and try to stay somewhat lean. Please keep in mind that i am in the dorms and i have no stove.
thanks alot.

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1. Get a MRP powder that is Hydrolized, ultra filtered and can just be mixed in a shaker cup, such as Max Muscle. Add this high quality protein/carb source immediately post workout.

2. Workout for mass. For most this is in the 8-12 rep range, 10 sets per body part, once a week.

3. Get adequate sleep. Your muscles grow when at TOTAL rest, not in the gym. You tear them down in the gym.

4. Cut out the BOOZE. Booze effects protein utilization negatively.

5. Booze also effects sleep. Sleep is usually not as deep. Deep sleep is when GH is secreted by the pituitary.

6. Don't overtrain.

7. Keep a journal of lifting, and a journal of food intake. Determine what you normally eat, as far as calories. Do this by writing out everything you eat every day, for a few weeks. When you figure this out, you can adjust it up 500 cal / day to gain weight. IF that doesn't work, up it again.

8. You will put on some fat while gaining mass. That is a fact of life. So, cycle your diet and training. Put on some mass, then lose some fat, then put on some mass again, then lose some fat. For most people, a 2-3 month swing is appropriate. for some, the fat lose phase can be shortened to a month or so. Depends on your metabolism. THe key is to not lose fat too fast and sacrifice your new musclee in the process.

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Bump for all of what Titan said. One point i will add is since you are playing collage football if you deside to do a cycle make sure to know how long each of the drugs will be able to be detected so you don't test positive.


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If he wanted to do a cycle could he not do one of winny and maintain the muscle mass and still look at doing some primo and get lean?


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Excellent post maxmuscle. When I was a sprinter at the University of Tennesse; I got on a Winny cylce, did not even diet, added 15 pounds and lost over 2 in from my waist. Oh yeah, I agree with the other bros, keep the booze to a minimum. If u need a good workout specifically for football, go to ; they have most every top NFL and college strength coach on that board, and will set u up with your workout free of charge.