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Third day of carbo depletion.

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Aloha AZ of the Golden Age,

Today is day 3 of following BacardiSlangs carbo depeletion. 150 gms a day allows me to get through each day and that's it. Feeling spaced and weak. Still eating 5-6x a day, 350 gms plus of protein and the right amounts of fat; the only thing thats changed is my carb intake.

My mind is telling me that I'm getting to small and flat and I need to eat all types of carbs. I'm extremely sesitive to food smells right now; salivating and fantasizing about foods that I would never eat. I notice these thoughts and sensations and let them go.

I must trust in this process. What I see in the mirror is increased vascularity, greater separation in my pecs, shoulders, back, quads, hams, calves, abs and shoulders. I'm harder and thicker and more ripped than I've ever
been for a show. My bf is so low it doesn't register.

Yet when I get on the scale and see that my weight has dropped a bit,; the first thought is
"THIS ISN'T WORKING-- I SHOULD BAIL AND START EATING". I won't go there. Saturday Nov 15 on Oahu I take the stage in the Masters Heavyweight division. Last year I took third. THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT-- JUDGES AND GOD WILLING.

I start carb loading on Wednesday. I'll post Thursday when I have more glycogen in my BRAIN.

Thanks for all the support!

Mahalo and A Hui Ho,

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stay tough brother, itll all pay off!!!!!

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Bro your progress and dedication is great!!
So what if you have to miss a few waves.

You are on the mark so keep with it.

Your Bud,

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You are a better man than me bro.....Keep up the good work, and Cardi is sharp. If he says something workx......believe it!!

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Thanks for the words Slam, your the best.
Viking, looks to me your doing awesome! If you feel flat, small, and ripped while keeping the majority of your weight..........your gonna tear up that show!!

Good luck my friend and keep up the great work.

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Hope you're accepting first place honors right now.


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Stay strong bro! Best of luck!