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HGH for shoulder injuries in women?

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Well after all the reading of medical journals on the subject I thought I would as the REAL experts in my opinion!

My GF has worn out both her shoulders from the many years of pro surfing. They tell her they are frozen up. I have tried to rehab her, even sent her to rehab and A.R.T. and nothing is working that well.

It was suggested that I have her take HGH. The deca did very little but that is always an option my Doc and friend likes.

What dosages of HGH would you suggest. A good friend said 1iu a day and then up it later if seeing results. The other friend things that 1/2iu will work.

I hate to give up my HGH but will do anything I can to help her.

Thanks ahead of time!

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In my experience with my bad elbow that is nuked, I had great results with HGH. I am not sure of a dosage for a woman, but I do not see where 1 i.u. a day would hurt.

This is a better option than what I am currently doing....cortisone shots every three months.

i notced that my elbow was moving freely while on HGH.

Maybe run 1/2 i.u. a day for a couple of weeks, and see how she tolerates it and then up the dosage to 1 a day. You know the signs to watch for, and the questions to ask as well to see if anything is working or any possible sides.