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I recently ordered GP Tren to add to stack. This is my first time running Tren and I was a little nervous because Tren is 5x more powerful than testosterone. I started running 50 mg EOD. Your muscles feel like they are in a continual state of pump. I didn't experience night sweats, but I would recommend you monitor your blood pressure especially if your are prone to high BP. GP Tren is legit you will see gains quickly. Coupled with a good diet and some cardio I'm well on my way to getting shredded. Start off with low doses and see how you tolerate. Tren acetate has a short half life so you can tap out at anytime. Also, make sure you run with some testosterone. GP Tren is amber in color, the oil is easy to inject, no pain at injection site experienced.

Vials are top notch quality with professional seals and gasket. Oil was not overly viscus making it easy to drawl up and inject. Running 50 mg EOD stacked with test cyp, and winstrol. Ran for eight weeks. Saw nice gains in strength and definition. Coupled with a clean diet I was able to lean out while preserving my muscle and strength gains. Unless your competition bodybuilding I would error on the side less is more. Tren has a testosterone rating of 500/500 compared to test cyp 100/100 rating. So proceed with caution, monitor your BP, and if sides become too much tap out, otherwise this stuff is the best I've experienced. Gains are fast and with quick positive feedback it really motivates you to workout harder and eat a clean diet.

Here is a list of websites where you can order legit Geneza Pharmaceuticals products: