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Friends with Benefits.

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Because to me - it really does feel that way. When it touches your lips, it tastes so damn good.

Here is my home made weight-gainer, try it.

[1] 250mL Can - Mango
[1] 250mL Can - Guava
[1] Banana
[5] Raspberries
[3] Servings - Cytosport Strawberry Banana Whey Protein
[1] Tbsp - Honey
[150mL - 200mL] Milk

Than, give it a mix.

If you don't have the Cytosport Strawberry Banana, replace it with 3 servings of Vanilla Whey, and add an extra banana with five strawberries. Should come close in taste.

The secret is the Guava. Mmm, so good.

Oh, and the Mango & Guava drinks, make sure they are natural without all them damn sugar.