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I have been using for about 5 years now and they always come through. Fast/discreet shipping, excellent customer support, and the best prices that you can find anywhere. Every product that Ive purchased through them has either met or exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend that you discontinue using your source and rely on maha pharma's vast selection for your future needs.

There has only been one time where i actually needed to use their customer support and it was simply due to me not reading the shipping information on their site. They tend to split larger orders into two shipments and I was confused as to why I only saw one tracking number. A few days later the second showed up and there was never really an actual problem.

They continually amaze me with their speed.. It seems like their shipping time has actually decreased over time as the last package i received only took about 2 weeks from the order date till delivery.

The DP products I have used from their site have always been incredible.. No PIP, always properly dosed, and never expired or even close to it. The last cycle I ran was the Sus 270 w/ masteron 100. I put on about 15 lbs of lean muscle, had the BEST pumps, and got down to about 6% BF. I would highly recommend any of the DP products as long as you are ordering from I would not trust anyone else they are solid with every product they sell and never fake anything.

This by far the best source on the internet in every respect. DO NOT waste your money elsewhere.. Get your gear from Maha Pharma and know that its going to get to you safely without any problems.

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I made a small order from maha pharma to get a few last things I needed for my cycle and decided to try some BD test.

Communication was great and ordering was very simple as was payment. Maha pharma sends you automatic emails for every step of the order processing payment and shipping.

I get an email with the estimated time of arrival and I got my pack a week before that arrival time. So it was pretty fast. Product was secure and pack was very small and discreet.

Alright so the main reason for making this order was to get some adex for my Test E and Dbol cycle. This adex works perfectly I did not have any estrogen related side effects while stacking dbol and test. I took 1mg every 2-3 days. My body is very sensitive to estrogen and aromatizes test quickly. I was able to keep estrogen under control. Never felt any itchy or tender nipples and didn't have excessive acne or water weight from high estrogen. I am at the beginning of week six and will continue to use this adex until the end of my cycle and for future cycles.

Now for the BD Test. I started my cycle with it at 600mg a week. It pins smooth with very little pip. It started kicking in at the end of week 3 and thoughtout week 4. That's when pumps got better than previous weeks and skin started getting oily. Strength is up weight is up Test levels are up from BD as I switch to another brand. BD Test E works great I wish I had more. Oh yeah almost forgot to mention my sex drive it's awesome. and BD products are legit. This source has everything you will ever need.