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dragon pharma official website

Official Dragon Pharma Website

Dragon pharma winstrol 50 mg tabs

I took the dbol as a kick start to my last cycle that was 500 mg test e a week, 50 mg dbol a week for four weeks, and 50 mg winstrol a week for 4 weeks at the end of the cycle. Total length was 14 weeks. I could tell pretty quickly that the dbol was working because after a few days I was up four pounds. I continued to gain weight until about the second week, at which point I had gained probably 12 lbs (I am sure a lot of it was water but I felt great). My mood was stellar between the dbol and the test as well as the compliments i was getting for looking bigger. My bench went up from about 275 for 5 reps to about 315 for reps at this point which I was pleased with. Once I started the winstrol I was hoping to gain some vascularity back and look a little more lean / dense which it certainly did. I had a little bit of dryness in my joints but that is what I would expect with any good winstrol, plus I am susceptible to that based on previous cycles doing the same. My piss was getting pretty dark on the winstrol which worried me a little but I think it is just a pretty toxic oral so I am glad I didn't run it more than four weeks. All in all I was very pleased with Dragon Pharma.

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