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What are the best supplements for pre workout and also post workout??
I am trying to loose weight (Fat anyway, I don't care how much I actually weigh)as well.
Any suggestions.

Oh BTW, I am lifting four days aweek and doing cardio 5 days, for 30-60mins. each session.


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If you are looking to lose fat it will be down to your overall diet not just your pre and pwo food/suppliments...

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If you are looking to lose fat it will be down to your overall diet not just your pre and pwo food/suppliments...


Pre workout - food - protein & complex carbs
Post workout -whey shake with a banana

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More protein, less carbs, more fiber, more water, more cardio and throw in the animal pak as well as their ECA stack.

You have to get the furnace burning and should be putting something in that furnace every 2 hours to keep it doing just that. Burning fat is the most frustrating thing out there. Be patient, stay focused and be willing to do what ever it takes to reach your goals. Don't pussy foot around, either you want to or you don't. Now go tear it up.

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Metalleg, the other advice is correct. For fat loss you need to have your diet in order throughout the day, along with cardio and weight training (as you probably already do).

People do underestimate the importance of the pre and post workout meal. Even when you are dieting, carbs are important at these points. Carbs in your first meal of the day, pre-workout, and very much so post-workout...are vital. The carb intake right after your workout is what kicks off the recovery process and helps replace lost glycogen. If you cut those carbs out you'll end up hindering your gains and will most likely feel more fatigued in your workouts.

A great product to look into is waxy maize pre and post workout. Optimum Nutrition has a 2:1:1 Recovery product that contains the waxy maize along with whey protein isoloate (fast uptake) and casein protein (slow uptake); also BCAA.

Waxy maize can also be utilized in the offseason to increase carb intake (on high carb days especially). For instance if you are trying to get to 800 or 900 grams of carbs on your leg day you could alternate between carbs in a real food meal and using waxy maize in between. It's hard to eat that many carbs with real food (for most people), but waxy maize allows you to get there without the bloating or GI irritation. It also absorbs much faster than dextrose or maltodextrin. Also, the fast absorption makes it ideal to use pre-workout. This helps in achieving a better pump. Another big difference is that waxy maize does not spike insulin levels since it is sugar free. This makes it ideal for dieting or taking in more calories "cleaner".