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Help with workout?

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Aight, I'm 2 weeks into my cycle and this has been my workout:

A-Chest and back
B-Shoulders, tri's and bi's
Wednesday and Saturday OFF

Workout A

Bench Press-5 sets 3 min rest
Incline d-press-5 sets 2 min rest
Dumbell pullover-3 sets 1 min rest
Cable flyes-3 sets 1 min rest
Lat pulldown-5 sets 2 min rest
Dumbell row-5 sets 2 min rest
Lat cable pull-3 sets 1 min rest

Workout B

Military press-5 sets 2 min rest
Upright row-5 sets 2 min rest
Shrugs-5 sets 1 min rest
Front raise-2 sets
Side raise-2 sets
E-Z bar curl-5 sets 2 min rest
Incline curl-5 sets 1 min rest
Tricep pulldown-5 sets 1 min rest
Overhead ext.-5 sets 1 min rest

Workout C

Squats-5 sets 3 min rest
Lunges-4 sets 3 min rest
Deadlifts-4 sets 3 min rest
Leg ext.-3 sets 1 min rest
Leg curl-3 sets 1 min rest
Calf raise-5 sets 1 min rest

Is this workout ok or would I be better off working out just one muscle a day once a week? Any suggestions? Thanx

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I think you are combining too many body parts in each day, unless you are doing an AM and PM workout... I never do another muscle group on back day or leg day. Think of the percentage of your total mass that your back is..... Or your legs? They require alot more energy and drive to train properly. IF you work something first, they get robbed, if you work something after, then it gets robbed, cuz you should be exhausted.....

What are your goals? If it's power, then you can leave the rest at 3 minutes. If it's mass, then cut the rest down.... No 3 minute rests between bench sets.... 30 to 60 seconds.... high intensity.... Your goal is to tear down the muscle and rebuild it. The faster you do this the better. You'll work the muscle harder, and you'll shorten your workout.

Legs, I'd warm up with the extensions and the ham curls before hammering away w/ heavy squats.

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That figures why my chest always seemed kind of small in size even though its my strongest muscle. I figured heavy weights = big muscles.
Today i already worked out my chest and back. Tommorrow is my leg day, then I will take wednesday off, hit shoulders on thursday and arms on friday to hopefully fix my workout days.


Sound good??
Thanx for the millionth time and congrats for your promotion to mod!!!

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That's a much better split.

Here's one that I like:

Day 1: Chest / Biceps
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Rest or cardio
Day 4: Shouders / Triceps
Day 5: Legs
Day 6: Off or cardio
Day 7: Off or cardio or start cycle over again

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I love that split when trying to cut down on the bf, I include the cardio, and abs on the odd days,
I also advocate this workout for my friends,

I alternate days off, and days that the workout starts on, but the way it is set up , you could go mon-fri and take the wkend off and still be giving your bod enough recovery time.