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Skipping with weighted ropes ....The best cardio ever !

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i see a lot of my grappling fellaz are using these 6lb - 7lb heavy jump ropes. let me know what you guys think:

here's a post from a friend:

I haven't seen the BOA rope from Ironmind. I'll look at it and comment later. With the 6# rope I use, I seriously doubt that anyone could do 150 jumps/ minute! 90-100 would be a great goal. The speed ropes are for a different purpose than the heavy ropes. The speed ropes will help your light-footed agility, while the heavy ropes will challenge your strength and cardiovascular reserves at the same time. It all depends on what you are really trying to achieve.

It IS the rope itself that is heavy. If you want to try this type of work for cheap, get a 10 foot length of chain and give it a go. The weight can be adjusted by the size of the chain links. The circular forces generated by swinging a heavy rope at high speed are tremendous. Your arms/shoulders get as much work as your calves. Your heart rate will go sky high. Great stuff!

Anyone who has read this forum for a while will realize that no one routine can do everything for every trainee. I personally believe that one should be adept at as many types of energy expenditure as possible. This not only increases the athleticism of the individual, but reduces the chance of injury because one is comfortable with a larger variety of positions and stresses on the body during exertion