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Supplement Usage????

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Okay guys, Let me give you some stats. Im 20 years old about 5'8175 pounds certainly not cut but definetly muscular. Theres definition in my arms, chest, and back just not your usual lower back or ab definition. Im not really concerned with the lack of ab definition right now and I use the winter to gain mass. The reason im posting is I just got a bunch of supplements and am having a bit of trouble deciding when and how much of Whey Protein, Creatine, Dextrose, R-ALA, Glutamine Peptide, and a casein protein for before bedtime. I workout about five days a week lifting a single muscle a day i.e. Tri's on monday with abs, back on tuesday, shoulders with abs on wednesday, etc... Can anyone help me get my supplements on some type of schedule. I also do cardio about four times a week just to keep in shape. Im not concerned with becoming a bodybuilder or anything like that my goals are simple but difficult: look big and cut enough where its not freaky big but healthy big. TO make it look like a lift and have my hard work in the gym, show in my body. So any help with the supplement's guys?

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bumping what M$$ wrote...good guidlines to gain mass. Especially the heavy weights, compund exercises and abbreviated workout routines. DOnt get fooled into thinking more time in the gym is better. Go there, tear the gym apart, and get the hell out so you can eat, rest, and do it again.