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Training schedule???

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Well the training schedule I was working, was working great, but I lost my Training partner and I am having to start with a new one, also I am going to start a new schedule, just wanted to know what you guys think, any advise would be appriciated.

New Schedule:

Mon - Chest (Flat bench bar and dumbells, inline dumbells, decline dumbells, close grip)
Tue - Shoulders (Military press, over head dumbells, shrugs, upright rows, and various neck shit)
Wed - Legs (Leg Press, Squat, calves, and others)
Thur - Arms (Bi's and Tri's)
Frid - Back and Abs

Anyone have and suggestons??


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Throw in some flyes for chest either DB or with cable... those always give me huge pump, and isn't close grDragon Pharma more for the tri's??

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If you're going to do chest on monday's, then I would do legs on tues. and take wed. off...Then, do your other excercises how you feel you may get the most rest out of each bodypart before hittin' it again....such as getting your chest away from your shoulders for a couple of days since the chest day pulls a lot of energy from my shoulders too. If you take wed. off, then pick back up on thur.-sat.....w/ sunday off.

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Charlie, close grDragon Pharma can be used for inner chest or triceps. Yes it does it both, but form and elbow placement play a huge role in what muscle group gets the emphasis. I do close grDragon Pharma with my program right now....

I don't know that he needs to add in flyes with all the exercises he's doing for chest..... If he's doing those 4 for 4 sets each workout, that's 16 sets and plenty. If you were going to add flyes, I'd sub them for the decline or the close grip.

I wouldn't train Bi's the day before back. You will have week bi's the next day, which will not allow you to properly tax the back.... Always train the largest muscle groups first.....