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Need some training advice for my girlfriend

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Hello ladies,

My girl has recently become interested in doing some light weight training, can anyone recommend some workout programs that she could get into? She is 5'2" 98lbs, and really only does cardio right now. Thanks for the help!


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Have her train like a man.. 3x3, 5x5.. imo the best looking women in the gym are the ones that train heavy.. no worries about her getting a manly look unless she's running manly type cycles.. took me years to convince my wife that all that cardio foo-foo shit wasn't the right way to go.. now there is a whole crew of women in my gym lifting heavy because they wanna look like my wife..

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What excactly is she wanting to accomplish? Does she want to build some muscle and tone? I am assuming that this has to be the case because she extremely small and can not have much fat to lose. If this is so I agree that she needs to start lifting heavy. I would say take her along with you as you lift. You may had to change some of her routine because she is not going to be able to push what you do. ie: the bench if she can not lift the bar start her on the free weights until she builds some muscle and can lift more. Its very important that she works each muscle group. That way she is well rounded. I agree with Ironman tell her not to be afraid to lift she is not going to get to bulky. I would tell her not to worry much about cardio at this point maybe 10-20mins just to get warmed up. She definatly has no fat to burn off. The only good the cardio is going to do her is to keep her heart healthy. Tell her not to watch the scales, if she does she will mostly likely notice she will gain some weight. But it will be good lbs, muscle. Instead have her body fat tested and have her monitor her progress that way. Also, just by looking in the mirror seeing her body take shape. My husband got me going lifting about 5 yrs ago and it was the best thing I have ever done. & I have been able to get in the best shape of my life & I was a gymnast 12 yrs all through school so that is saying a lot. & what Ironman says about other women following suit is true once they see how she takes shape others WILL start lifting as well.

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Women that lift, and get the muscles toned look so much better than a thin boney woman. My wife above is living proof that a woman can lift heavy and hard, and still be as sexy as hell. Some women believe they will get manly. When in reallity they will just look like toned in shape women with a lot of curves. I know a good portion of my friends at the gym wish their wives worked out with weights, and looked buff like mine.