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Women's Perspective on AAS

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Women's Perspective on AAS
Per some of your requests I've prepared the first women's perpspective on steroids. This is mostly MY perspective. As I am probably the most aggressive female user on the board that we know of and a Moderator I feel I can take on this obligation.

First most common question is about pregnancy. The first question I asked myself was "What if I can never get pregnant as a result of using AAS?" The answer is we honestly don't know. So, I spoke with my fiancee Buff about this issue EXTENSIVELY and we have BOTH decided to NEVER even try or want to try to ever have any children together. For women who believe they may want to and have never used gear before I plead for them not to even start. If they are persistent then I recommend something very mild at a very low dose. Then I tell her to speak to her man (if he's using) whether or not his use is worth thier risk of never being able to concieve.I usually do not recomend steroids for anyone not interested in competiting or playing serious sports. However, I also believe that it is a women's divine right to decide to do so anyway.

Then there's birth control. I am on birth control. I take a Depo-provera injection every 10 weeks(the common dosage is 12 weeks...my doc and I agreed that it would be ok for me to be a bit extra cautious)Depo is a progesterone inhibitor. It contains NO estrogen. I have had only a few break-through bleedings while on this birth control during my cycle. No pregnancy's at all. No other complications.

Side effects. Yes there are side effects. Sometimes they are IRREVERSABLE. I know competitors that have taken in excess and have permanent side effects. I have had everything from the bleeding i spoke of to bad cramping after sex (while on Deca...i am not the only one to experience this), facial hair growth, acne, clitoral enlargement(which believe it or not is not necessarily a bad thing...sex feels WAY better), voice deepening, and an increased sex drive. All of these symptoms went away w/in weeks after use. I believe it's in the dosage and even more so the length of use. I have used Aldactone (a diruretic and an anti-androgen) to reverse side effects of Testosterone Propinate. It worked w/ in about48 hours. I also stopped getting any good results. So I just cut down my dose and everything was fine.

Dosages. These can vary. Most men recomend dosages that are too low for women. I have experimented with most of the drugs that women usually take. My dosages are still probably half that of a man but more than an average woman would use. I'd be MORE than happy to help any woman help find a dosage that will help her get results and keep her from having adverse side effects. Just PM me. Also, I firmly believe that to get what you want out of gear you must have the correct diet. Whether you are trying to bulk or get lean.

I have two doctors. My OBGYN and my Internal Med. doc. They both know EVRYTHING I do. I leave out NOTHING. One frowns upon it more than the other but is more concerned with following up with my health and making sure that everything is ok. The other one that is very ok with my use is the one that knows more about steroids, ironicaly and she is also just concerned about my health and that I'm doing ok. I get physicals every year and I see my OBGYN about once every 5 to 6 weeks. I've had an ultra-sound on my repro organs and they are perfect. I am going for blood work in a few weeks. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself. Think about what you are doing and the risks involved. See a doctor you can trust and check that you are ok even if you feel ok.

Finally folks what you are doing that you have voluntarily chosen to do is ILLEGAL (in this country anyway). If you get caught or a shipment doesn't come because you were scammed or it was seized realize this: TOO F"IN BAD!!! It's the gamble of the game and you are playing it. We've had one shipment seized and a few come a little late. If you choose to go to Joe whoever in your gym that is perfectly fine. It is one of the risks you need to be willing to take.

If there is anything I left out or if there are any questions that need to be answered PLEASE feel free to ask. The moderators of this board volunteer to be moderators because they love this board and want to help the people that belong to it's community. Remember I am always here ......Diesel

BTW this is a sticky from another board but since they are MY original words..I feel I have the right to share them with you also.

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Awesome info DG!!!
Talk about starting off with a bang.
Thanks for sharing.:D

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Awesome........I think you might have answered all my questions at once.

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hey babe glad to see you are always trying to help the people and i hope everything works out for you;)

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Great Post!! We are lucky to have you here at Freakz!

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Fabulous post and NICE AVATAR! 🙂 You need to put up some pics in the BABES page.

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This is a very informative post. It's SO important to really know what you are doing when taking steroids whther you are male or female.

For women, because we are so much hormonally different from men, have to be very careful because for us as you know, steroids have irreversible masculinizing effects.

It's very good advice to take mild anabolis, and in low doses. I haven't tried really too much of anything. [I like to do research first] But now that I hear that it makes your clit bigger, I might give it a try:boink
Sex is something that can ALWAYS get better for me!!!

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Good read.........

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I agree good post.....just one thing to add Figure and steroids don't mix...LOL!