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Winstrol Virgin HELP

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got my guns a ready!!!

Im taking winny tabs for the first time at 25mg per day.

My 1st cycle was 10mg little effect

NOW after a few months

Im starting 2nd cycle as advised at 25mg per day. My training is heavy each workout. I got an incredible pump while doing chest and tri's.
My tris felt like they were going to explode. I kept pumping!
OH! I couldnt believe this high blood rush. IT felt great!

My recovery time from muscle soreness is 2days. I dont feel the soreness at all.

I am now on the 2nd week of the cycle and have my weight increased 1kg.( 2.2lbs)

I want to continue doing my cycle right!

So any ADVICE on training and diet or your experience is
welcomed!!:pickle :pickle

my stats
now 140lbs
bf% ?
but can see abs

You can see me before winny


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whoooaaaa baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25mg is too much!

question for you...when you did the 10mg did you split up your doseage? 1/2 in the am/1/2 in the pm? Winstrol tabs have a 1/2 life of roughly 8-9 hours....

what are you looking to accomplish w/ this cycle?

personally I prefer to do Anavar at 20mg /ed
and run it for approx 16 weeks and then use 5-10mg winstrol/ed 2 weeks on/2 weeks off but then I have serious trouble w/ my joints if I run it for much longer then that...too much pain in my knees and ankles....(weak to begin with)

but in all honesty at 25mg/ed you'll be running a very high risk, can guarantee you'll be dealing w/ some serious virilization problems...

you may want to try the anavar and throw in 5mg ed winstrol, this will make you hard, strong and horny as all hell



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Winny Winny

The first time I had the 2mg tablets. I took 3 in the morning and 2 before training. I started out taking 6mg and bumped up to 10mg. I felt some pump when training arms.

about 3months passed b4 2nd cycle

So, I went back to asking questions.
For 2nd cycle I went to 25mg. Got incredible pump and feel strong when training. I gained 1kg (2.2lbs) in about 10days!
No sides as of this day.

Goal is to get more mass! I am an competitive bodybuilder and hope to be pro in the future!

I have a contest coming in August. To be hard for shall I consider anavar + winny

THank you,

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I totally agree... 25 mg is WAY WAY TO much.. don't make the mistake i once made... i now have a deeper voice because of it..(not manly in any way just sounds like i have a cold)